Under construction (aren’t we all?)

Welcome to the future online home of Kayla Pins

I’ve had some sort of online presence since sixth grade. Which is not so impressive for kids these days, but for me means I’ve been online since ’99. Several defunct websites, blogs, and insta-attempts later, and I’ve finally found my niche:

I don’t have a niche.

I’m over the whole “consistency is key,” #bossbabe, niche-down, branding, bull. I’m all over the place but it’s interesting. So stick around.

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Our differing clutter tolerance is literally the only argument in our marriage at the moment. I have thrifted myself into oblivion. Shop my fabulous vintage clothing, textiles, and ephemera at PinsThriftVintage on Etsy, eBay, or Depop.

For the record, Spencer is right and I am wrong. I do not have the time or space to ever overcome the amount of thrifting I did last summer.

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